A Lots of Little Things Day

Friday January 17th 2020

The wind howled overnight and a little rain fell as the cold front moved through the area. It wasn’t much compared with areas to the north. Northern Nevada and Utah got several feet of snow. Today had some thin clouds and a little more wind than the last few days, but the temperature still made it into the upper fifties.

I never really got motivated today. During the early part of the day I did lots of little disjoint tasks. For example, I finally got frustrated enough with the TV remote that I found some new batteries to put in the darn thing. Then I fought with my cell phone to get it charged. The socket that accepts the charging cable is very loose. If I’m not careful it discharges the battery rather than charge it. Which is what happened last night. I hoped to wait until March before buying a new cell phone, but I may not make it. Once my phone was charged, I managed to off load more pictures from yesterday’s visit to the Bellagio Casino Conservatory. The pictures in this blog entry are from that visit.

This afternoon I got back into summer travel planning mode. I was able to book four more reservations. Between now and July 21st I only have two empty blocks. The first unbooked block is a single night when I leave here at the end of February. I’m holding off booking that one to give me a little flexibility in case of bad weather or heavy winds. The other block is a week in early June. I want to stay at a Utah State Park. The reservation window doesn’t open until early next month for that location. Looking out further, I have a little time to book most of the weeks, but I need to make a decision about Labor Day soon.

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