Year of the Rat

Thursday January 16th 2020

It was another beautiful day. The temperature peaked in the high fifties with a sunny sky. A smog haze has developed over the valley muting the bright blue a little. A cold front with strong winds is do overnight. Tomorrow will be a little cooler, a lot windier and hopefully clearer with less haze in the air.

I went back up to the Las Vegas Strip today. The Christmas decorations have been replaced by Chinese New Year Decorations. This is the Year of the Rat. Stylish gold and jewel adorned Rats are featured in the decorations. As usual the Bellagio is over the top, but some of the others were good too.

My visit to the strip started at Harrahs where the shuttle from Sam’s Town delivered its passengers. I walked through several central strip casinos, but focused my picture taking at the Bellagio, Flamingo’s wildlife sanctuary, the Palazzo and the Wynn. Here are some pictures from each.


Flamingo Wildlife Sanctuary


Wynn Las Vegas

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