A Day for the Birds

Saturday January 11th 2020

It was cold overnight, but I managed to get a better start to the day than Friday. I had the heat on at 7:30 and the inside of my RV home was soon comfortable. The outside temperature barely made it above fifty all day despite the bright sun.

Shortly before noon I drove to the Clark County Wetlands Park for another hike in the shrubs and marshes of the Las Vegas wash wetland reclamation project. It is more crowded on weekends, but it is still much better than the crowds in the tourist areas. Today turned into a bird photography day. I even found a way to the ponds that caught my eye in the distance the last time I visited. To get there I crossed the wash and walked along a path toward the city of Henderson Nevada. It was probably about a mile walk, but it was worth it. The birds were plentiful.

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