Relaxing with Football and Airplanes

Sunday January 12th 2020

Today was an average weather day for this time of year. The sun was bright in the sky, the wind was gentle and the temperature reached the mid fifties. The average daily high temperature is fifty eight. It was an overall nice day.

Beautiful blue sky

Today was a lazy day. I spent the whole day relaxing around the RV park after making half an effort to do the laundry. For some reason Sundays are very popular at the park laundry. I notice this once before this winter, but still made the walk over to the laundry building only to find all of the machines in use with a bit of a waiting line. I planned to return later. Of course, I never did.

Blossom of the day.

Three sites beside my RV home were vacant at one time this morning. Two neighbors left this morning and the other departed Saturday. The two sites furthest away were filled by two fifth wheel trailers traveling together. The site immediately beside me is still empty tonight.

I took advantage of the extra open space in front of my door to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine. Without another RV twelve feet away, I felt comfortable watching football on my outside TV and generally enjoying the day. I didn’t get as excited about the Chiefs vs. Texans game as the folks a few sites down the road. They have a big Kansas City Chiefs Flag flying and cheered, hoot and hollered every time something good happened. I think they were happy with the outcome of the game.

The neighbors didn’t bother me, but I got fixated on the airplanes passing overhead. There’s nothing new about the air traffic. It has been passing overhead the whole time I’ve been here, but today I started timing the interval between planes. It averages about three minutes separation at the busy times. That’s a lot of people leaving Las Vegas. The arrival pattern a few miles south is just as busy.

Tonight’s sunset.

Today’s exercise included two walks around the park in addition to my walk over to the laundry and back. I discovered one lonely plant that still had a few red blossoms. I took a picture for this blog entry along with another nice sunset picture.

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