Cold Start Makes for a Slow Start

Friday January 10th 2020

The temperature got down into the low forties outside last night. Inside my RV home it was in the low fifties when I woke up around 7:30. I turned on the heat and returned to the warmth of my bed. The next time I looked at the clock it was after 10am. A cold morning is a good way to have a late morning. The forecast is for cooler temperatures tonight, so if I’m not careful tomorrow will start just as slowly.

My Christmas Cactus bloomed in November on one side and in January on the other.

Breakfast and caching up on my internet reading took until almost 1PM. Once again it was too late to do anything complex or touristy. Instead I went out and visited a few stores without buying anything. Some people call it shopping, I call it an indoor hike. I got back to the RV park in time to pick up an Amazon order at the office. I bought two spare batteries, a remote control, a memory card and a few other things for my cameras. Amazon broke the items into five packages. Four got delivered today via two different carriers and one gets delivered Sunday. Each spare battery was in its own package. I wonder if that’s a safe shipping practice of some sort.

This evening on my walk around the RV park, I took another sunset picture. The interesting element in tonight’s sunset picture was the sun reflecting off a couple of jet contrails. Later, after taking a break for supper, I made another attempt at taking a picture of the full moon. Tonight’s came out better than many of my previous attempts. The lights of the Las Vegas valley made it hard to get a real crisp picture.

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