More Birds at the Wetlands Park

Tuesday January 7th 2020

The good weather continued with another higher than average temperature day. I spent the morning inside doing some mundane, but necessary tasks like paying credit card bills. The amount of money I have spent on reservations over the next year is surprising, depressing, and annoying, but necessary. Most privately owned RV parks only require the first nights rent as a deposit. The state and federal parks that I prefer usually require the full stay up front. Right now, including the seven weeks in March and April that have been paid for four to ten months, I have spent more than $4,000 on places I haven’t even started traveling toward.

Don’t swim away and leave me. I don’t speak turtle.

To take advantage of the good weather I spent some time this afternoon at the Clark County Wetlands park. The parking lot had more cars than normal, but I didn’t run in to as many people on the trails as I often do. Today I wandered along a number of paths that I haven’t been on this year. It paid off. I saw a number of different animals today.

I managed to get pictures of some of the more illusive creatures. First up was a Roadrunner. It was on a dirt path parallel to the main cement path I was following. It caught up with me from behind and passed by quickly. Once it couldn’t see me anymore, it must have paused, because I was able to get some pictures when it emerged from cover further down the path.

Later on the same trail a little bunny rabbit hopped onto the path. I paused to take a picture and was rewarded by another camera shy animal. As I was taking the rabbit picture a Gambel’s quail ran across the frame. It made an interesting picture. They were both a little startled.

I also saw another bunch of birds in a body of water down stream in the wash. It is usually just empty water. Today a big white bird in the middle caught my attention.
Using maximum zoom and more cropping on the computer this evening, it appears to be a white pelican, but the angle isn’t great for identification. I need to study the park maps to figure out how to get closer to the water hole. I’ve never been in that area before.

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