No Flowers in Winter

Monday January 6th 2020

There was a little more wind today resulting in a little cooler temperature. It was still a very nice sunny day for early January in Las Vegas. The high temperature was a few degrees above the fifty six degree norm for the date. The TV forecasters are still predicting deteriorating conditions throughout the week. It still sounds great compared to the snow and freezing temperatures around most of the country.

Today was an ordinary living kind of day. I did chores around the RV and caught up on some reading. For my daily exercise I took a couple of winding walks along the many rows of RVs in the RV park. I only saw a couple of empty sites today. There is still some turnover, but the site is filled quickly. Sadly I no longer can take pictures of flower blossoms around the park. The park staff members responsible for gardening have caught up with their winter pruning. All of the rose bushes and flowering shrubs have been cut back to a few short stems.

Replacing the colorful blossom pictures in this blog entry is a pigeon. There are a few pigeons around the park, but not too many. The park is kept clean and well picked up, so there isn’t a lot to attract the birds. The bird in today’s picture came walking across my path while I was out walking. It was clearly used to being around people.

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