Watching Neighbors Move

Wednesday January 8th 2020

The beautiful Las Vegas winter weather continued today. The mercury broke the sixty degree barrier again with just a little more wind to prevent perfection.

Another picture of the rabbit from yesterday’s walk in the park.

My thoughts of spending the day in tourist mode got sidelined during breakfast. There was a lot of change going on in the RV park that I got hooked watching. A few people were leaving, but there seemed to be at least as many changing sites. Since they were all monthly residents moving, my guess is long enough blocks of space on a single sites weren’t available when they booked. Consequently they had to move during their stay. The site behind me emptied out around 10am and was filled by a transfer within half an hour. I recognized the rig from another area of the park.


The park courtesy patrol needs to park everybody on their sites to assure they are within the site’s boundary. One of the courtesy patrol drivers was waiting for the resident of the site across the street from me to hook-up for a move. It wasn’t the best planned move, because he had to wait half an hour while the folks hooked up. Once again half an hour after one set of residents moved, another RV was getting parked on the site. In this case, I think they are a new short term resident.

Moon Rise

I was watching all of these changes while enjoying my second cup of breakfast coffee. It was afternoon by the time I thought about leaving the park. The shuttle to the strip from Sam’s Town had already departed. Since I didn’t want to deal with the traffic and parking on my own, I’ll try again another day.

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