Today was Sunday

Sunday January 5th 2020

Today was another beautiful Las Vegas winter day. The temperature was just under sixty with sunny skies and a little wind. The weather prognosticators still predict a downward turn tomorrow. The good news is the days are getting longer and the average high temperature for the day has turned the corner and is climbing.

Blue sky and thin wispy clouds.

I think the holiday season is finally coming to an end today. The last TV Christmas movie marathon came to an end today. Having things back closer to a normal day will help me be more aware of the passage of time. Without consistent TV programming and all the other subtle time clues around, I continue to get the day of the week confused. I started Saturday thinking it was Sunday and started today in total confusion. Having to look at one of my electronic devices to find the day of the week is annoying.

I finally made it to Walmart for groceries today. I’ve been putting it off hoping to find a quiet time. Today wasn’t one. It was very busy this morning and seemed to have more than the normal compliment of people that should only be there when it is empty. Those are the very slow and the very fast shoppers. This morning there were plenty of people that wanted to stare at the shelves for a long time before picking up a product and reading the label. Of course, the first product wasn’t the one they wanted, so the process repeats. Getting to products in their path takes waiting, reaching and lots of “excuse me” on unhearing ears.

The very fast shopper is the one that can’t park their cart long enough to pick up a product. They seem to be in continuous motion grabbing things off the shelf as they pass by. The only problem is they seem to manage to run into other carts and an occasional person on their mad flight through the store. It would be so much more enjoyable not to have to share the store with these two kinds of shoppers. Dealing with family mobs of 4 or more shopping together is bad enough.

One of the only blossoms I can find outdoors.

I took the day off from summer travel planning. Maybe the end of the holiday season will find more campgrounds prepared to take reservations.

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