Saturday at Home

Saturday January 4th 2020

Today wasn’t a day with much to write about in this blog, but it was another beautiful weather day. The temperature didn’t quite break sixty and there were a few more clouds than Friday. Tomorrow is forecast to be similar before the weather takes a downhill turn for Monday.

Another red sunset tonight.

I spent the day doing chores around the RV, watching TV and doing more travel research. One of the chores was taking the Christmas decorations down. I am now back in total humbug mode. Most of the other residents of the RV park have also taken down all of their Christmas spirit. It really seems like Christmas was months ago.

On the travel research front my to do lists are getting longer, but my actual set plans haven’t gotten any more complete. The number of places I’d like to stay that aren’t taking reservations for the summer yet is growing. What surprises me is that some of them don’t even tell you when they will accept reservations on their web site or recorded voice mail message. I’m afraid if I don’t keep trying I’ll return to my previous form and be too late for the better places.

The TV watching wasn’t any more successful. I just watched the Tennessee Titans win over the New England Patriots. While I’m not completely surprised, I’m not happy about the outcome. I guess I’ll have to switch my championship hopes to the NFC.

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