Birds and Phones

Friday January 3rd 2019

The nice warmer than average weather continued today. There was a little more cloud cover than Thursday, but the temperature still managed to reach the low sixties. The trend is forecast to continue through the weekend. Next week may not be as nice.

As I have mentioned in this blog before, my cell phone is starting to show its age. I think the phone is just over five years old. The battery is not holding a charge as well as it did when it was new and the charge cable no longer fits snugly into the socket. Consequently, when I think it is charging it is actually continuing to discharge. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve had a dead phone when I was expecting a fully charged device.

Over the last few weeks I’ve researched the available Android phones online. I know the pluses and minus of the Samsung models, LG models, Motorola models and Google Pixel phones. The other brands were out of the running early in the search. Today was phase two of the search process. I went to the Best Buy in Henderson to touch, hold and consider the different models. The expedition resulted in a little more clarity in the search. I’m no longer opposed to the larger size of some of the devices as they will still fit in my pocket when necessary. Now I need to decide between the Samsung Galaxy models or the Google Pixels models. The Pixel is newer with a better camera but has a smaller battery. The Samsung Galaxy will be updated with a new model at the end of next month. The internet is full of rumored specs for the new handset. Decisions, decisions; how long can I keep my current phone limping along? Do I live with the smaller battery in the Pixel? The search process continues.

On the way back from phone shopping I stopped for another walk in the Clark County Wetlands park. It seems like every time I’m out in that direction, I stop to visit the birds and get some exercise. There were a lot of people in the park today. It wasn’t nearly as quiet as I like, but I still managed to see a few of natures creatures.

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