Busy, but …

Thursday January 2nd 2020

It was a beautiful warmer than normal day. The temperature got up to the low sixties under a brightly shinning sun. The normal temperature this time of year is in the mid fifties. The day ended with another gorgeous sunset.

These mid week holidays cause my head to spin trying to figure out the day of the week. This morning I was convinced it was Monday. Once I realized that wasn’t true I started to think it was Friday. Of course when I actually thought about it, I knew today was Thursday. I even typed the correct day in the start of this post, but I admit I had to go back and edit the year from 2019 to 2020.

Today was another day focused on travel research. My online calendar is full of notification events to remind me when to make reservations for a few days in May, a few days in June and lots of weeks in late July and August. That is in addition to all of the events already in my calendar to remind me when to book next winter in Florida. I have 23 weeks in the first half of the year booked and seven weeks in the second half of 2020. It is a far more detailed plan than I ever had this far in advance for Rob’s Rambling Road Trip, but I’m still not satisfied.

The RV park is more or less full again. There are a few sites empty for a night or two as people leave and new residents arrive, but overall it is full. The WiFi is another indicator of the density of park residents. In the evening, the WiFi is very slow now. I’ve had to switch to my cellular data plan a couple of nights to get good through put for posting to this blog. Yet another indicator was the available of machines in the laundry today. I will be trying again tomorrow.

To summarize my day I’d say “I did a lot, but accomplished little.”

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