A Sunny and Cold Day

Saturday December 28th 2019

I woke up this morning to a very chilly RV home. The overnight temperature was in the thirties outside. I turned on the heat and went back to bed for a little while. It was a bright sunny day so the solar gain helped warm the RV. The outside temperature never got above fifty today. Adding to the outside discomfort was a strong wind out of the north.

Palm trees taking the north wind under a bright blue sky.

The early part of the day was dedicated to chores around the RV. It had been a while since I dumped the holding tanks and the gray tank was getting close to full. Dumping the tanks became a priority so I could take a shower without fear of a tank overflow. That task was accomplished as soon as my neighbors on that side went out. It is easier to stay focused on the task a hand without their little dog asking for continuous attention. The Yorkie mix is fun to play with, but is a persistent little thing.

It is very easy to know when my drivers side neighbors are leaving. They start the truck five minutes or more before they leave and every interaction with the truck using their key fobs results in a honk of the horn. It isn’t annoying as much now that I know the behavior, but the late night interaction when I’m trying to get to sleep is a bit rude. The lady of the RV has a second shift job at one of the area chain restaurants. The truck leaves to pick her up about 11PM and returns half an hour or so later. Then the dog gets a ride in the truck over to the dog run area before they call it a night. Last night it was particularly noticeable.

The above paragraph is an indicator of life in the close quarters of this RV park. Everybody has their own space as indicated by gravel strips or white lines on the paved surface. The park RV staff makes sure you understand the boundaries when they assist you to park. I haven’t seen or heard any instances of disagreements, but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they exist. Most of the places people stay for long terms in the winter are similar. The price and availability reflect the tight spaces. I prefer the more open space in public parks, but they are usually limited to a two week stay. Last winter in Florida I moved between public parks most of the winter. Next winter in Florida I will be doing something similar. That is why I need to get up before 5AM many morning this winter to make reservations for next winter. The competition for the limited number of sites is fierce. Monday morning is my next early morning.

This afternoon and evening, after I dried off from my late morning shower, was dedicated to watching the College Football Playoff games on TV. Between the two games I got out for a walk around the RV park. The sunset was beautiful. I took a couple of pictures, but didn’t wait for the deep color to develop. It was getting cold for the way I was dressed.

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