Taking Advantage of the Return to Nice Weather

Friday December 27th 2019

Thursday’s light rain continued well into the night. This morning things dried out and brightened up rapidly. The sun managed to get the high temperature into the upper half of the fifties. It was an overall nice day even if I thought it was Saturday most of the day.

The highlight of my day was the couple of hours I spent walking through the Clark County Wetlands Park. It was necessary to stay on the cement pathways. The gravel paths were spongy to downright muddy from the half an inch of rain that fell yesterday. You don’t need to leave the cement pathways to see a lot of good sights and the wide open spaces around the park let you see the snow capped mountains that surround the valley.

The ducks, coots and turtles posed for many pictures. Of course, they didn’t know they were posing. For the most part they aren’t particularly bothered by all the people in the park. The land birds are more skittish. The gambel’s quail and road runners I’ve encountered in the park haven’t stayed in one place long enough to get a picture.

Walking around the RV park this evening, I saw proof that the Christmas holiday is over. Many people have started to take their decorations down. My favorite Reindeer Snoopy blow up has been deflated. I’ll miss seeing him on my walks.

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