Random Sunday Activities

Sunday December 29th 2019

The day started with a little bit of sun. As the day went by the clouds increased and the sun disappeared for the day. Yesterday’s wind was gone, but the temperature was still stuck in the forties.

I watched the early NFL game on TV. In this area I had the choice of the Chargers vs. the Chiefs or the Packers vs. the Lions. The game I really wanted to watch was the Dolphins vs. the Patriots wasn’t on in this market. I started watching the Chargers vs Chiefs game, but I got frustrated with the announcers quickly. To build up the significance and drama associated with their game, they took absolute delight in reporting every negative nuance of the Patriots performance against the Dolphins. The Patriots scoring drives were never reported, just the Dolphins. Listening to them I thought the Pats were down by thirty points by half time. It’s a good thing I was reading the score crawl at the bottom of the screen. I switched at half time and watched the second half of the Packers vs. Lions game.

Mystic Falls Park Atrium inside Sam’s Town Casino.

To get away from football I drove over to Sam’s Town Casino after the first NFL games were over. I had some idea of seeing a movie, but I wasn’t really considering how busy the theater would be on a Sunday afternoon between Christmas and New Years.
The line for tickets was close to one hundred feet long and the next showing of the Star Wars movie I was interested in was over an hour away. The idea of watching a movie went from an interesting idea to a bad idea in an instant. I spent a half an hour watching the families bowling in the basement bowling alley. It was interesting to see the school kids that need two hands to roll the ball down the alley getting better results than the Dads throwing the ball down the alley at the speed of sound.

Animated fawn in the Mystic Falls Park

With the heavy cloud cover it was dark by sunset at 4:30PM. I didn’t get an evening walk around the RV park. There was no sunset to gawk at. It makes for a long evening inside watching TV.

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