Surrounded by Real Winter

Thursday December 26th 2019

I was surrounded by real winter today. A light rain fell off and on all day. It was accompanied by a strong wind. The temperature was in the lower half of the forties all day. Even when it wasn’t raining it was very uncomfortable outside.

View to the south. The cloud cover and precipitation are a little below the peak which is around 3,000 feet.

The Las Vegas valley was surrounded by real winter. The light rain in the valley at the lower altitudes was snow at the higher areas at the edge of the valley and outside the valley. Interstate 15 to California was closed two or three times during the day because of snow in the pass. The road over the hump to Pahrump Nevada was also closed by the snow. Interstate 40 southeast of the Las Vegas was also impacted by the snow at the higher elevation. I didn’t hear about difficulties on Interstate 15 north of Las Vegas in Utah probably because the storm hasn’t got there yet. In general, if you wanted to leave Las Vegas today, the weather had its own ideas.

I stayed inside and worked on travel research and planning most of the day. I’m beginning to think about the summers of 2021 and 2022. If I head for the Dakotas one of those years, I can defer northeast Wyoming until that year’s exploration. Then I have more time in southern Wyoming, Colorado and northern New Mexico this summer. As will any planning activity this is a game of trade offs and what if scenarios. I didn’t make a lot of progress today, but I did explore a few new ideas.

Tomorrow’s weather is predicted to be sunny with the temperature in the mid to upper fifties. I’m looking forward to getting back outdoors in the wetlands park or another area nearer to nature.

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