A Lazy Christmas Day

Tuesday December 25th 2019

Merry Christmas

Today’s weather wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t good. It was a mostly cloudy day with a high temperature in the low fifties.

The RV park was very slow and quiet this morning. There weren’t as many people out walking around the park this morning. The poor dogs must have been asked to delay their morning trips to the dog run. It may be that people were away, but there were plenty of cars parked in front of the RVs.

After a lazy first third of the day, I set out to find my Christmas dinner. My plan was to visit the same casino buffet that I went to for Thanksgiving dinner. The streets in Las Vegas were not very busy. Traffic was slower than an average day. Things were looking positive for an opportunity to have a nice leisurely meal until I got to Boulder Station Casino. Everyone and all of their kin were there.

The bigger non strip casinos in Las Vegas are entertainment destinations for the citizens of the area. Most have a movie theater or a bowling ally to go with the hotel casino, some have both. Boulder Station has a multi screen Regal movie theater which was very busy. The machines and tables in the casino were also well populated. Worst of all, from my perspective, the line for the buffet was long. It was about as long a wait as I had for Thanksgiving dinner. Except today, I wasn’t in the mood to wait. I came home and cooked a pork chop with a little fried rice and vegetable medley.

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