Rain to Sun

Tuesday December 24th 2019

It was mostly cloudy overnight, but the rain wasn’t over. This morning a couple of lines of rain passed through the valley. It wasn’t until late in the day that the sun started to find breaks in the clouds. It looked like we were in for a nice cloud enhanced sunset about an hour before the appointed time. In that hour all of the clouds managed to clear the area resulting in a bland sunset.

Today was a slow day with a few chores around my RV home and lots of TV watching. I’m glad Christmas is almost here. I can’t take many more made for TV Christmas movies. The formula plots are all so similar. If I wasn’t doing other things with the TV on I’d be bored silly. I don’t think I’ve watched one from beginning to end yet. Very often I’ve seen the last part long before I catch the first part on a repeat showing. This has been going on since they started the marathons at the end of October.

On my late afternoon walk around the RV park I was surprised to see many of the sites that were empty yesterday filled tonight. I’m not sure what the travel logic is associated with that pattern. I would have thought most people would have been parked by last weekend. Maybe they have relatives in the Las Vegas area to visit on Christmas day.

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