Rainy Monday Makes a Good Day for Travel Planning

Monday December 23rd 2019

The day started with clouds and progressed to rain. It never rained hard or for long periods of time, but it was rainy enough to make outside activity undesirable.

Heavy cloud cover just before it started to rain.

I took the opportunity to stay home and get back to travel planning. I now have reservations for most of the first half of 2020. I know where I want to stay for the twenty two days I haven’t booked, but I have to wait to make those reservations. Utah State Parks have a shorter reservation window than many other states. The important thing is that all of the major holidays including Independence Day are booked.

I’ve made some progress on the rest of the summer. I’ve got a general route plan, but I need to do additional research on the non Interstate highway routes. There are some routes and mountain passes that just aren’t suitable for RV travel. I know about a couple of them in southwestern Colorado and want to make sure I’m not stumbling into any others. The priority for the second half of the summer is locking in my location for Labor Day and making the reservation.

Rough path of my planned travels in 2020

At the same time I’m working on my summer travel plans, I’m also working on next winter. The popularity of Florida State parks and the eleven month reservation window means I have to start making reservations every couple of weeks. So far I have two weeks planned in the Keys starting at the end of October and two weeks on the Atlantic coast at Port Canaveral at the end of November. My next milestone is a week from today. I have to make a Florida State park reservation starting on November 30th 2020.

Doing detailed planning like this almost a year in advance seems nuts, but previous years have shown it is necessary. I still want the bulk of my planning done by the end of 2019 with locked in reservations every place possible. That will reduce some of the unnecessary stress associated with travel planning. Still, I will have to make reservations when the various reservation windows open.

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