Shopping and a Golf Cart Parade

Sunday December 22nd 2019

It was another very cloudy day. In a lot of areas today would be a very acceptable winter day. Here in the desert a day without some sun is rare and somewhat depressing. It even felt raw outside despite the mid fifties temperature.

I finally went grocery shopping at Walmart. The parking lot had fewer cars than I’ve seen since the holiday period started. It was a false indicator of how busy the store turned out to be. Inside the store was full of shoppers of every variety. There were families shopping for food, harried single shoppers rushing around the non-grocery part of the store like maniacs and many slow browsers that didn’t seem to know why they were there.

Reindeer Snoopy riding on the roof of a golf cart.

It took a little longer to fill my cart than usual. I had to shop at both ends of the store. It was also necessary to wait for people to get out of the way to reach items on the shelves. Today must be the day people elected to do their food shopping for Christmas. I found it necessary to park the shopping cart and walk down the aisles to avoid traffic jams. The real delay associated with shopping on the last Sunday before Christmas was at the checkouts. Seven of nine regular checkouts and all the self service lines were open with lines four and more customers long. It was over half an hour from the time I got in line to the time I reached my car.

Tonight was the golf cart parade in the park. The participants all seemed to be having fun. A few people were sitting outside along the park roads waiting for the parade. There were only about six or seven golf carts in the parade. I know there are more in the park, so participation wasn’t great. One cart was giving out candy canes and one was loaded with four Santa Clauses waving to anybody they saw. My favorite was the cart with a blow up Reindeer Snoopy on the roof. It is the same folks that have a bigger version of Reindeer Snoopy on the roof of their box trailer.

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