Just Another Saturday

Saturday December 21st 2019

Today was the first day of winter and in some ways it felt like it around here. The weather roller coaster peaked Thursday and is currently slowly declining. The day started cloudy and thickened as the day progressed. The temperature made it into the fifties, but not by much.

I got caught by the football watching bug again today. I went looking for the Patriots game on the NFL network three hours early and got caught watching the Houston vs. Tampa game. The time I was using had already been adjusted for the this time zone. The Patriots vs. Bills game actually started at 1:30 PST time. I gave up watching at half time and went for a walk around the RV park. The flow of the game seemed to be heading for a Patriots loss. By the time I got back to the game, during the fourth quarter things were looking better.

During my walk at half time I was near the main road in front of the park. Traffic was very heavy and the south bound direction was completely blocked. I’m not sure if it was just holiday traffic or a backup caused by the Las Vegas Bowl game between Boise State and Washington. The TV news didn’t report on any accidents in the area and they delight in covering accidents with major damage or injuries. I’m betting it was traffic for Sam Boyd Stadium, the location for the game. It is about five miles away in that direction. Either way, the traffic discouraged my thoughts about leaving park today.

My second walk of the day was just after dark. A few new Christmas decorations have appeared on RVs in the park. Other decorations were dark along with the RVs. It looks like many people have returned home for the holidays. There were also more empty sites than yesterday. I’m sure it will be busy again after the first of the year.

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