My Plan for the Day went with the Sun

Friday December 20th 2019

Today’s temperature held consistent with yesterday. It peaked in the mid fifties. The difference was in the sky. The day began with a bright sun in a blue sky, but it ended with the sun hidden behind clouds.

The clouds changed my plan for the day. When it was sunny, I was going to take another hike in the Clark County Wetlands park followed by a stop at Walmart for groceries. The cloudy day took the luster off my planned walk in the park. Thinking about the Christmas shopping crowds made the idea of a visit to Walmart unappealing. I need groceries soon, so I have to find a time that Walmart isn’t a mob scene or go to a real grocery store.

In a bit of a paradox my limited grocery supply put me into full on cooking mode this afternoon. My main choice in the refrigerator was some stew beef. I spent the early afternoon getting the slow cooker started with the main ingredients for a beef stew. Later in the afternoon I was back in cooking mode dicing up potatoes to finish off the stew. It made a hardy evening meal with plenty of leftovers for another meal or two.

My exercise today was two walks around the RV park. It is in one of its quiet periods. There are a few more empty sites than normal and many RVs look like they’ve been abandoned for the holiday. The decorations are still nice, but not spectacular. People with golf carts have started decorating them for Sunday’s golf cart parade. The folks with the big Christmas Reindeer Snoopy on the roof have a smaller blow-up for the roof of their golf cart. I didn’t get to see it inflated yet, but it holds promise for creativity. Hopefully the weather will cooperate Sunday night.

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