The Blue Heron Returns

Tuesday December 17th 2019

The temperature got down just below freezing last night. The inside temperature was in the mid to upper forties when I turned on the electric space heater around quarter to eight this morning. With the help of the rising sun’s rays on the side of the RV it was soon comfortable inside.

Today was a better day for outside activity than Monday. The high temperature was a degree or two lower, but the wind wasn’t nearly as strong. A good sweat shirt was all I needed to be comfortable walking outside, so I took advantage of the conditions and made another visit to the Clark County Wetlands Park.

The Blue Heron was back on his favorite fishing rock this afternoon. He wasn’t stretched out in statue mode, but was still alert and closely watching the water. I don’t think food is very plentiful in the pond, but he is still hanging around the wetlands park. I first saw him about six weeks ago. The coots and turtles don’t pay any attention to him.

The Blue Heron on his favorite fishing rock.
Time for his close up.

The park was quiet today. The few visitors I passed on my hike around the park were mostly bird watchers judging by the binoculars around their necks. The next couple of weeks are likely to much busier at the park. The kids are out of school and I think I heard that the park Nature Center had an event or two for the kids. If the weather holds I hope to get back to the park again this week while it is still a calming place.

Near the Las Vegas wash the trash brought down stream by the run off from rain storms continues to accumulate. The water level has gone down some since last weeks rains, but the heavy flow still makes it hard to clean up the trash. I know they clean it up periodically, because I’ve seen it trash free in the past. It would be very costly to clean it up after every storm. Hopefully, they’ll get to it soon. It is far too dangerous for amateur volunteer crews.

Duck parade with a little trash in the background.

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