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Wednesday December 18th 2019

The clouds that arrived overhead Tuesday evening held on all day. Thankfully, the wind didn’t blow so it wasn’t too uncomfortable outside. The lack of sunshine didn’t help the inside temperature. I had to run the heat a bit to keep it comfortable.

Blossom of the day

My aging cell phone gets the blame for fouling up today’s plans. The battery doesn’t hold a charge as well as it did new and the micro USB port doesn’t make as good a connection as it once did. The result is that it isn’t charging when it should be. This morning the battery was dead and the phone was shutdown. It should be able to survive the night, but the old battery takes a dive to empty at about twenty five percent charge.

In this technology dependent world, I choose to wait for the phone to charge before going out. I need to do the research and buy a new phone before I leave Las Vegas on my summer travels. The Google Pixel 4 was at the top of my list, but its battery life isn’t good. I need to decide if I can live with the limited battery life, go with a Samsung Galaxy S10 or find something else. It will be another Android phone. I’m not an Apple fan.

While I was waiting for the phone to charge, I got back to summer travel planning. I booked a week in Monument Valley Utah, a week for a return visit to Lake Powell, another week near Zion National Park and a week including Memorial Day Weekend in West Yellowstone Montana. It will be a lot of traveling, but a few exciting stops along the way. There is still about two weeks in the middle of May that I haven’t booked. The reservation window for Utah State parks doesn’t open until next month.

My research for the remainder of the summer and fall continues. The last week in June into the Fourth of July holiday is my next priority. Next winter in Florida is also keeping my attention. Trying to get ahead of all of the planning is a pain, but I’m committed to getting the stress of planning over sooner than later.

I spent the end of the day at Sam’s Town casino. Once again I watched ten other people win the Young at Heart drawing. I just don’t play enough money through their machines to improve my odds, but it is fun to try. Listening to other people without a clue attempt to figure out the process and the rules is also interesting. One guy, I’ve seen there before, didn’t even know what the prize was.

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