Travel Planning on a Cold Day

Monday December 16th 2019

Winter weather is finally arriving in Las Vegas. Today’s high temperature and tonight’s forecast are the coolest it has been since I got to town. The last week of October had a few overnights in the thirties, but the days were warm. Early November had above normal temperatures followed by a few weeks of seasonal normal temperatures. Now we are entering a period with below normal temperatures. It barely made it to fifty today and tonight will be right around freezing. A similar pattern is forecast for the next few days.

The clear blue sky is back, but cool temperatures came with it.

During one of my walks around the park today I took a few pictures of the roses near the office. The blossoms are starting to look ragged and sloppy. These will probably be the last blossoms for this growing season. I’ve enjoyed checking them out every few days.

I was back in the travel research and planning mode today. To help figure things out and keep track of places I book, I’ve created several pages of grids that align with the calendar. I looked for a cheap calendar at Walmart, but the prices of 2020 calendars are still at peak season high. It wasn’t worth paying over ten dollars for something that I’m not going to hang up and will likely mess up with erasure and cross outs. Each of my 8.5X11 inch sheets has seventy seven days depicted. Two sheets cover the days starting from the third week in April to the second week of September.

So far I’ve penciled in the second half of April and the month of May with a tentative plan leading to a return to West Yellowstone the week leading up to Memorial Day weekend. From there I’ll work my way south and north for my planned stop in Rock Springs Wyoming at the end of June. Over the next day or two I’ll review what I’ve figured out and make reservations where possible. My goal remains to have as much as possible locked in by the start of the year.

At the same time I’m working on next summer the Rockies, I’m working on next winter in Florida. The eleven month reservation window for Florida State Parks continues to open.
Today I switched my planned path to and from the Florida Keys. I’m now going to go south along the west side of Florida then return north along the east coast after my two week stay in the Keys. With this plan I’ll be in the Orlando area the first two weeks of December 2020.

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