A Slow Day for Blogging

Sunday December 15th 2019

It rained overnight Saturday into Sunday. The morning was cloudy but steadily clearing. Around midday the wind arrived. A steady northwest wind with strong gusts was the dominant weather element of the afternoon. It was not very comfortable outside with the same amount of warm clothing from Saturday. Another warmer layer was necessary to ward off the wind chill even though it was still in the fifties.

I spent most of the day inside doing a few chores and watching TV. Shortly before dark I started to get ready to take a drive in search of Christmas lights, but I got distracted cooking supper in response to a growling stomach. It’s a good thing I didn’t leave the park. A fatal hit and run accident in the area had traffic all messed up for hours.

There is a week and a half to Christmas. I find it hard to believe it is that close, but I plan to take advantage of the slow time in Las Vegas tourism to visit some of the tourist draws before they return.

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