A Little Decorating and a Little Searching

Tuesday December 10th 2019

It was cold in the RV this morning. After turning on the heater I waited for the temperature to get out of the forties to an acceptable level before I started the day. That short return to bed broke today’s attempt to establish a better morning routine. It got cloudier as the day went by and the high temperature was only in the mid fifties.

Snowflake ornaments found while searching for a string of lights.

I set out to put up a few Christmas decorations today. I found the two battery powered strings of LED lights I’ve used the last couple of years, but couldn’t find the string of regular mini lights. I used the mini lights the first Christmas I lived in my RV home and wanted to use them with the LED lights this year. This area of the RV park needs some extra Christmas lighting. It doesn’t compare well with some of the other areas of the park.

Once more something has disappeared in the tiny storage areas of my RV home. This afternoon I emptied and rearranged the contents of storage bins, cabinets and the under bed storage looking for the lights. Over a couple of hours searching, I even managed to throw a couple of things away, but I didn’t managed to find the lights. I put the two LED strings in the front window of the RV and hung a couple of snowflake ornaments on two cabinet handles. I’ll try and find some other lights later this week. It’s hard to believe that Christmas is two weeks away.

This evening I walked around the RV park taking pictures of the better Christmas light displays. Some are simple and some are elaborate, but none live up to the displays at Fort Wilderness in Florida. The occupants of the Disney park go over the top with the decorations they set up. Visitors to that campground bring trailers full of decorations. They put up lots of blow up displays and hang lights high in the trees. It is always fun to walk through that campground at Christmas time.

Military Santa Claus

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