A Visit to the Center of the Las Vegas Strip

Wednesday December 12th 2019

I was in tourist mode today. A half hour ride on the Sam’s Town shuttle brought me to Harrahs on the Las Vegas Strip. I spent about three hours checking out the center strip area and seeing what’s new since my last visit two years ago.

The area behind Harrahs and the Linq is a major construct zone. The new Ceasar’s Forum convention center is almost complete. I’m glad I didn’t drive to this area. The traffic jams and detours were extensive. Inside Harrahs wasn’t much better. There were construction walls in several areas. A quarter of the casino wasn’t accessible.

At the Flamingo many of the birds in the courtyard were huddled up sleeping and trying to stay warm. The flamingos were a little more active than the ducks and rescued Brown Pelicans, but even some of them were balled up. Needless to say, the pool was closed. There weren’t any outdoor Christmas decorations in the courtyard this year either.

I made my way over to the Bellagio to tour the Christmas display in the conservatory. Many other people had the same idea. It was difficult and slow wandering through the displays. The display was beautiful as usual. I’ve been to Las Vegas during the Christmas season most years during the last twenty, so I have seen many of the Bellagio Christmas displays. Most of the components of the display have appeared before, but they are being presented in new configurations and orientations. For example, the silver wrapped packages are often included in the displays, but I don’t recall having them overflowing from under the massive Christmas tree with the flower decorated polar bear cubs frolicking around them.

My last stop on my visit to the center strip was the Aria hotel lobby. A large Gingerbread house is front and center. This is the first year the Aria Pastry chef and his team have constructed the house. It has produced a good amount of coverage in the local media. They are selling pastries, candy and coffee from the house site.

I made it back to Harrahs in time to catch the shuttle back to Sam’s Town. The next shuttle was four hours later, so I needed to hustle.

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