Trying to Improve my Daily Routine

Monday December 9th 2019

My goal for the day was refining and building a better daily routine. Over the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to get into some bad patterns. I’m going to bed after 1AM and getting up late in the morning. This causes a late start to anything I plan to do during the day. This morning I had the alarm set for before 8AM.

The sky was back to solid blue most of the day. The clouds drifted back in around night fall.

When the alarm went off I got up. Instead of getting a little reward I got a minor punishment. The TV programming wasn’t the morning news and talk shows, but the political theater from the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. Every network was covering the hearing even though the purpose of the hearing was to receive the reports from other congressional committees. It wasn’t to establish new information just consolidate it. Then both “sides” needed to be heard asking “did you really hear that?” or “why did you put that in the report?”. To the broadcast networks I’d say let the cable news channels cover the proceedings for the political junkies and the people in need of a civics lesson. The broadcast networks are going to summarize the information with their own little twist for the evening news anyway. If you watch two or three different summaries, you can usually back the little twists out of the message. My rant about the media is now finished.

My plan to get a faster start for the day didn’t happen. I watched too much frustration inducing coverage of the hearing. I wanted to start the day with a walk in the Clark County Wetlands park or the Henderson Bird View Preserve. When I finally got going, shortly afternoon, the bird viewing preserve was already closing. I went back to the wetlands park. The Great Blue Heron I’ve seen several times was back on his favorite rock. It stands statue still watching the water for lunch. I took way too many pictures waiting for it to do something. Right after I stop paying attention it snatched a fish from the water and flew off. I didn’t get any pictures of the heron in action.

The wetlands park was nice and quiet today. There were other people in the park, but they were all single walkers. The loud conversations between groups of two, three and more wasn’t part of the overall experience. I was able to get in a good walk and experiment with a few new settings on my cameras. Some of my pictures were different, but probably not better.

I returned to my RV home for a late afternoon meal and another walk around the RV park. A few more RV sites have been decorated for the season. I still haven’t decorated.

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