A Slow Sunday

Sunday December 8th 2019

Today began with heavy cloud cover. The sun battled all day to make a break in the cloud cover, but never really succeeded. Long after dark the moon achieved the victory the sun failed to win. Tomorrow is forecast to be back to a sunny day.

One of the suns early attempts to break through the clouds.

I let the cloudy day rule my morning. I was slow to rise, slow having breakfast and generally dragging my feet at everything. Around 1:30, I went in search of the Patriots Football game. Despite it being the national late game it wasn’t on in Las Vegas. The Oakland Raiders are considered the home team in this market. They had the time slot on CBS. I found the game on a big screen at Boulder Station Casino. It started out OK, but I began to get the sense that it wasn’t the Pats day. The longer I stayed the more money I poured into a slot machine, so I gave up on the game and returned to my RV home.

Another attempt to break up the solid cloud cover.

I got a few more chores done around the rig and made another attempt to do the laundry. Sunday afternoon doesn’t seem to be a good time for laundry. Once again I found a waiting line. I need to try earlier in the day.

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