Another Football Saturday

Saturday December 7th 2019

I got caught up in football watching again today. College football hasn’t been one of my must watch sports. I’d watch a game now and then, but nothing like I’ve been doing this fall. Today I going to blame the weather. The day was cloudy and drab from start to finish. The sun never made an appearance. Late in the day the wind joined in to make it an even less attractive day.

Blossom of the day

Today was the day for the conference championship football games. All to allow a mysterious selection committee to determine the final four teams to play for the overall championship and the other match ups at various bowl games. I don’t think there were many surprising winners. The score differentials were perhaps more surprising. Since I didn’t have any preference in the match ups it was and interesting, but not memorable day of football watching.

For exercise I took a couple of walks around the RV park. Many of the empty sites have been filled. I don’t know if it’s the weekend or if they are here for a longer time. The courtesy patrol was busy parking more rigs today. Most of the new arrivals seem to be from Oregon and Washington.

Reindeer Snoopy’s older cousin has a arrived in the Park.

The other change I observed in my evening walk was more holiday decorations. A number of other RV sites have been decorated. I have to remember to put up my lights tomorrow.

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