The Sounds of the City

Friday December 6th 2019

Today’s weather was a clone of Thursday’s. The day started bright and sunny and ended with a lot of cloud cover. The temperature peaked at sixty or slightly above. The weekend is forecast to have a higher chance of rain. Scattered showers may impact the area as the latest winter storm moves in off the Pacific ocean.

A better picture of the reindeer Snoopy on display in the RV park.

In an attempt to get my daily schedule back to normal, I went to bed early last night. It didn’t work. I was awake for quite a while listening to all of the city noises. This RV park is in the middle of the city. Some reviews have describe the neighborhood as “bad”, but really it is just an area of apartments and rental properties a block or two away from a main retail area. A few additional blocks and your in an area of new homes behind gated access. I’m sure there are many areas of Las Vegas that are much worse.

Last night the noises of the city kept me well entertained. The early noises were dominated by sounds of aircraft departing McCarran airport for points east. The main departure route out of the city seems to cross the valley just to the north of the RV park. The plane noises stopped around 1AM. At ground level there were plenty of street noises. I heard three different kinds of sirens. I’m guessing police, fire and ambulance, but I don’t know which was which. Other traffic noises could have been drag races on the main road, but was probably just somebody taking advantage of an empty street.

All of my noise listening resulted in an even later start to the day. I got very little accomplished today, but I’ll still put the day in the good column. A lazy day watching TV and reading is OK now and then.

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