A Day for Catching Up on Chores.

Thursday December 5th 2019

It is hard to believe Christmas and the end of the year is so near. The weather was back to the seasonal average or a little better today. The day started clear and bright allowing the temperature to break into the sixties. Toward sunset the heavy clouds that spent the day on the horizon moved into the valley. The clouds were so heavy that there wasn’t even a hint of a sunset color display.

The short days can be a real problem when you get a slow start. Over the last week or so my day has shifted into the late night. I’ve been getting to bed later and consequently getting up later, or at least dragging my feet in the morning. Today with the arrival of the afternoon clouds it was starting to get dark by the time I was ready to start my day. Local sunset is around 4:30PM, but the Spring Mountains to the west cause a long twilight. It is completely dark before 5PM. That is a half an hour or more later than the New England area I grew up in, but more than an hour earlier than Florida where I spent last winter. Moving around a lot keeps me a little confused. It seems like only yesterday that it was still daylight after 9PM.

Most of my day was spent doing chores around the rig. For lunch I got industrious and baked a couple of pork chops. When I bought the chops I planned to grill them, but I baked them under a bread stuffing instead. The chop was good, but the clean up added to the chores around the rig. My small counter and sink can only hold so many dirty dishes. The leftover chop and accompaniment will provide another meal in a day or two.

Once again my daily exercise was a couple of walks around the RV park. I continue to be surprised how many empty sites exist in the park. I remember empty sites from two years ago, but I don’t think there were as many. The park had many more units in storage around the perimeter that are now in use as regular sites. My guess is there are more residents this year, and it just looks emptier. I’m still guessing there will be a big influx of new residents after the holidays.

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