Is an Elf a Gnome?

Wednesday December 4th 2019

It was a rainy day. A light to moderate rain fell from the middle of the night to the late afternoon. It wasn’t constant, but persistent none the less. The weather was coming from the southwest which kept the temperature in the mid fifties and seem to contribute to fog; an oddity for the Las Vegas valley.

I ventured out this afternoon to partake in some of the activities at Sam’s Town Casino. There were a lot of people waiting to check in at the hotel front desk. The National Finals Rodeo starts tomorrow and runs until the fourteenth. When you see horse trailers in the parking lot and men with cowboy hats checking in, you know what they’re here for. Most of the people here for the NFR and associated activities are not as identifiable. The event draws people from all over North America.

I took some time to enjoy the Christmas decorations in the Mystic Falls Indoor park. In addition to many colored lights, they also have a gnome theme going on. I’m sure I’m supposed to believe they are Elfs, but I think they look more like gnomes. Prominently in the middle of everything is a big tree with toys as part of the decorations. Some of the toys are almost as big as the tree. Adding to the ambiance Christmas music was playing. Overall, it was very well done.

My visit to the casino cost a twenty dollar donation to the slot machine gods with no return at the drawing for money or free play. It’s still fun to watch the people at the drawing. There are the regulars that know exactly what’s going on. They often win because they play enough to have many entries in the drawing. On the other end of the spectrum are the out of town visitors that are participating for the first time. Watching and listening to them try and figure out what’s going on can be really comic. The drawing is an electronic selection by a computer, but one lady kept looking around for the “barrel”. Her companion was still trying to explain it to her long after the drawing was over.

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