Boring Day in the Life Kind of Day

Tuesday December 3rd 2019

Today wasn’t a very active or interesting day. The weather did nothing to inspire action. It was a day filled with ever increasing layers of clouds. The temperature peaked in the low fifties. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow.

During the first of several walks around the RV park I observed several new arrivals to fill in the surprisingly vacant sites. Many of the new arrivals are from Oregon. I would speculate that the four or five days since a post Thanksgiving departure is about right for a southbound traveler from Oregon. Tomorrow might bring Washington residents with British Columbia the day after. I’m truly surprised with the number of empty sites, because I was told the park is fully booked with respect to long term stays. Maybe everyone will show up in January after the December holidays.

I wanted to do the laundry today, but found all of the machines in use with at least one person waiting when I stopped at the facility. I never got back later in the day to try again. There is a second laundry facility in the park, but it’s in the main office/clubhouse building much further away. It appeared to be equally as busy during one of my walks. I’ve got plenty of clean reserves, but heavier winter clothes take up more space in the hamper.

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