A Slow Day Results in a Missed Opportunity

Monday December 2nd 2019

Today’s weather was an incremental improvement on Sunday’s. The cloud cover was thinner with a few more gaps allowing more sun to reach the ground. As a result, the temperature got into the high fifties very close to the sixty degree average for the day.

I was very slow getting started with my day. I lingered over breakfast and my morning coffee while reading the news, information and dribble on the internet. As a result, I didn’t get to do everything I’d intended today. My first stop after leaving the RV park was the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve. I found a closed gate in the middle of the Henderson Water Treatment facility. The area didn’t look anything like I was expecting. A little more research after I got home determined that the facility opens at 7AM and closes at 2PM this time of year. I was there a few minutes after two. One more thing for another day.

Reindeer Snoopy standing guard atop a box trailer.

My second task for the day was to restock the refrigerator and food cabinets. My preference to use Walmart for food shopping can be a problem this time of year. Getting stuck in line behind Christmas shoppers can be a problem. Today I went to a Walmart in Henderson. I hoped to find a better food selection and smaller crowds. I got lucky the crowds, but not the selection. The
Walmart food section was actually smaller than the other two I’ve shopped at in town. Never the less, I got everything I needed. Next week I’ll try yet another Walmart. There are plenty of them in the area.

The good thing about today’s cloud cover was the sunset. There was just the right amount of clouds to produce a vivid orange display.

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