Time to Admit it is Christmas Season

Saturday November 30th 2019

Today’s temperature was only a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday, but the wind wasn’t blowing. It was a comfortable day to be outside. The sun was out during the morning hours, but everything clouded in during the afternoon.

I was down in the southern part of the valley in Henderson during the afternoon. There didn’t seem to be too many weekend visitors in the area judging by the license plates, but there was plenty of traffic around the malls. I successfully avoided getting sucked into any of the shopping areas.

On my way back to my RV home I stopped at the Clark County Wetlands Park again for my daily exercise. The park is still showing signs of the rain storms earlier in the week. The gravel paths were a little muddy, so I stayed on the concrete paths. More junk has flowed down the Las Vegas wash to get caught in the brush and tall grass at and below the dam. It seems to be even higher above the normal water level than it was before the last rain. The task of cleaning it up is getting bigger.

There is snow in the mountains around the valley. The cooler temperature is keeping clouds above the mountain tops.

Today seemed be a day for family pictures. There were several families getting portraits taken at various spots around the park. Some were using professional photographers and others were just using cell phones. I assume it was families taking advantage of the gathering of distant family members for the Thanksgiving holiday. In a couple of the groups the kids were in fancy dress clothes. The parents were having lots of fun keeping them out of the mud.

White Christmas lights on the Club house.

Back at the RV park this evening, I walked around looking for new Christmas decorations. The park office has turned on the Christmas lights at the Club house. They have lots of white lights on the building. It looks festive, but I would prefer more colored lights. In the park one of the residents has put a big inflatable Snoopy on the roof of their box trailer. The same people decorated this way two years ago. They had to replace the inflatable twice that season because of the wind. Hopefully, this time year they will have better results. I’ll continue watching for more decorations on the nights to come. I may put my lights up tomorrow.

A bad picture of the inflatable Snoopy on top of the box trailer.

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