A Good Day to Hibernate

Friday November 29th 2019

The overnight rain gave way to a cloudy morning and a dry day. Unfortunately the temperature didn’t have a similar improvement. It never got out of the forties today. Adding to the outside misery factor was the wind. As steady wind from 15 to 20 mph blew all day. A few stronger gusts had the RV rattling hard, but it was more comfortable than the wind chill influenced outside conditions.

It was a confusing day. My first indicator was the strange mix of programming on the TV. Some channels had normal weekday programming, others had sports programming like a weekend day and other channels had non-standard programming because of preemptions later in the day. One of those oddly timed programs was a 10AM news broadcast that reminded me of the chaos of the Friday after Thanksgiving. I didn’t have any desire to get immersed in all the shoppers or get caught up in all of the extra tourists in town for the holiday weekend. A walk in the park was also a bad idea with the low temperature. I ended up staying home all day.

My day was spent watching college football games and formulaic Christmas movies. Both are good entertainment as long as I’m doing something else like reading internet articles. I made one attempt at a walk around the RV park around noon, but the wind drove me back inside quickly. Toward evening the wind let up and I got out for another walk as the sunset. It still wasn’t warm, but I was well bundled up.

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