Thanksgiving at the Buffet

Thursday November 28th 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Today began cool and dry. It ended wet and cold. The weather went from partly cloudy to heavy clouds and rain by noon. The rain fell steadily most of the afternoon changing to occasional showers after dark.

I went out around 2PM in search of Thanksgiving dinner. My goal was the buffet at the Boulder Station Casino. I hoped the middle of the afternoon would be a slow time, but I don’t think such a time exists. It seems like everyone not dinning at home heads for one of the casino buffets. There were all kinds of people in line. Everyone from singles like me to huge family groups of ten or more. I waited one hour from the time I got in line until I sat down at a table. When I left the line was fifty feet or more longer.

Midway through the line for the buffet at Boulder Station Casino.

It is clear that many of the people don’t visit the casino on a regular basis. The price of the meal is discounted when you use a players card. People were getting players club cards while in line with the assistance of the slot attendants. The people in line in front of me had players club cards, but presented the card for the wrong casino to the cashier. It was kind of funny to watch their reaction when they were told they were in the wrong place by the cashier. Luckily, they had the correct card in their collection.

Inside the buffet there were more lines at the serving stations. The salad bar wasn’t bad, so I started with some soup. To get to the carving station, I had to get in line at the desert station then make my way past the Mexican food before reaching the carving station. With Mexican Corn, turkey, and a slice of beef on my plate, I had to continue in the line until I found gravy, dressing and a few other sides. All that consumed another fifteen minutes. It is a good thing I started with soup to put a curve on my hunger.

The food was good, but I over ate. I didn’t go back for seconds and I didn’t even have dessert. I could have used a good walk, but the rain made that a bad idea. I’ll have to put in some extra walking tomorrow.

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