Christmas Arrives at the Casino

Wednesday November 27th 2019

The bad weather in the forecast for several days finally arrived. The wind was howling when I got up this morning. The overnight temperatures were in the forties. When the wind chill was added in, the temperature felt below freezing. I stayed inside until the wind calmed down in the middle of the afternoon. There was about three hours of cool, cloudy day before the rain arrived shortly after nightfall. Tomorrow morning may be dry, but during the afternoon heavy rain is anticipated in the Las Vegas valley. The mountain tops around the valley will get snow.

I made my weekly pilgrimage to Sam’s Town Casino for the senior day potentials. Once again I didn’t get any reward for my efforts, but it was an interesting activity as always. The casino was very busy today. In addition to all of the people arriving in the valley for the Holiday weekend, there were two additional events in the casino. They were giving away pumpkin pies once you played around $100 through the machines. Hopefully you don’t loose it all or that would be a very expensive pie. Pumpkin pie isn’t one of my favorites, so I didn’t participate.

The other event drawing people in was the lighting of the Christmas displays in the Mystic Falls Indoor park. The decorations have been showing up all month, but the first official night was tonight. Families with little kids arrived to watch Santa Claus throw the switch. I think I heard that this was the thirtieth year for the celebration. One of the local TV stations was on hand to cover the event. Somehow I don’t understand having Santa Claus in a casino. Minors aren’t allowed in the gaming areas and have to be accompanied in other areas of the facility, but they can meet with Santa Claus in the indoor park area beside the casino on weekends between now and Christmas. Years ago you took the kids to a big department store to see Santa. As the department stores moved from downtown to the Malls, Santa Claus was in the center of the Mall. Now that many malls are closing, will casinos become the best place to find Santa Claus?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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