Rain in the Valley

Wednesday November 20th 2019

The predicted rain arrived in a big way. The normal rain fall in Las Vegas for the entire month of November is around a third of an inch. The evening news reported that over half an inch of rain fell in the last twenty four hours. It was new record for the date. While it was mostly dry during the afternoon hours, a few passing heavy showers have passed through this evening. One was even accompanied by thunder.

Puddles to dodge.

I spent the morning inside keeping dry. The usual TV programs were all preempted by the Political Theater from the capital. Thank goodness for Hallmark Christmas movies and the Game Show Network. I got a lot of reading accomplished. It didn’t take long after the rain stopped for outside activity to resume. People took their morning walks in the early afternoon and the parade of dogs heading for the dog walking area seemed never ending. I got out for a walk around the park too. A little bit of puddle dodging was required and I was well dressed for the twenty degree cooler temperature.

Black clouds, blue sky and fluffy white clouds. The sky didn’t know what to do.

Toward the end of the afternoon I make the short drive to Sam’s Town Casino to participate in the Young at Heart (Seniors) drawing. I didn’t win, but was surprised by the large number of people participating in today’s drawing. There were a lot more people in attendance than the last three weeks. It only took eleven selections to satisfy the ten winners. Last week it took more than twenty.

Blossom of the day.

I didn’t hang around after the drawing. Killing time in a casino usually means spending money. I got back home just before one of the passing cloud bursts wet down the area once again. Rain was definitely at the center of life in the Las Vegas valley today.

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