A Nothing Special Kind of Day

Thursday November 21st 2019

Steady rain returned overnight. It was a dreary morning with occasional showers. The rain stopped around noon, but it was very slow to clear up. The sun was almost set by the time it made an appearance in the western sky. The high temperature for the day was in the upper fifties after reaching eighty only two days ago. Winter has arrived in the Las Vegas valley.

Sunrise mountain to the east late in the day.

My tentative plan for the day was to explore the changes to the hotels in the center of the strip since my last visit. The morning rain changed that plan. The thought of long walks in the rain dodging puddles, people and traffic was not very appealing. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

For breakfast this morning I had to cook some muffins to go with my coffee. I was out of anything to feed into the toaster and I was also out of milk to go with oatmeal. These were clear signs that I needed to go grocery shopping today. I had hoped to make it to the weekend before shopping. My goal was to avoid having to visit the grocery store in the three days leading up to Thanksgiving. It didn’t matter. The store was a zoo today and will probably be similarly busy every day for the next week. I should be able to avoid the grocery store until the beginning of December with a little creativity and a meal or two out.

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