Watching Fish Behind Glass

Tuesday November 19th 2019

The temperature in the Las Vegas valley set a new record high at eighty degrees today, but it wasn’t that good a weather day. It started cloudy, improved a little at mid day, then went down hill fast. The wind picked up and really rattled the palm fronds in the trees as night approach. During my end of day walk around the RV park, I got rained as I hurried back to my RV home. This evening the wind continues to blow and rain falls on the roof more often than not. Heavier rain is expected overnight into tomorrow and the forecast high temperature is only sixty tomorrow.

Fountain in front of the Silverton Casino. The sun has already lost the battle with the clouds and the wind is blowing the fountain water.

This afternoon I drove to the southwestern part of the valley. My destination was the Bass Pro Shop at the Silverton Casino. Traffic cooperated getting there, but the trip home was late enough that I caught a lot of commuter traffic.

All Bass Pro and Cabelas stores are decorated with stuffed wildlife, aquariums and occasionally even live wildlife. The primary focus at this Bass Pro shop is the big aquariums. There is even one in the attached Silverton Casino. I spent a few minutes watching the big fish in one of the aquariums, before I found a throw blanket to use as a cover for my sofa. When I was in Reno, I saw a similar throw blanket at Cabelas, so I made the trip its big brother Bass Pro Shop in search of the throw. It is a little softer than I wanted, but it’s worth a try.

Aquarium in the Silverton Casino had pumpkins in with the fish. I didn’t see any Mermaids today.

Of course, I had to check out the Silverton Casino before I returned home. I got away after only contributing $5 from the entertainment fund. Not bad considering the throw blanket was on sale for $10 under the normal price.

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