Yet Another Walk in the Wetlands Park

Monday November 18th 2019

I took advantage of one of the last warm and sunny days of the year to make another visit to the Clark County Wetlands Park. The forecast calls for clouds tomorrow with the possibility of rain late in the day. The temperature may still be above normal like today, but the down turn has begun. Wednesday and Thursday are forecast to be rainy with high temperatures in the low sixties. From the sounds of things today’s high seventies temperature is the last of the seventies for the year.

Reflections in one of the ponds

Today’s walk in the Wetlands Park covered some old ground and some new. The park is big enough that I’ve found new areas to explore on each of my visits this year and there is still more to explore. At one of the ponds near the parking lot I saw a turtle that I know I’ve seen before and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn the American Coots were also repeat sightings. Unfortunately, one coot looks like another to me. The new animal sighting today was a little rabbit. It came out of the grass on the side of the path intent on crossing until it saw me and headed back to the safety of the tall grass. Its U-turn was so quick I couldn’t get a picture.

A familiar turtle.

At the pedestrian bridge over the Las Vegas Wash lots of birds were visible. Some were standing on rocks in the moving water and others were swimming where the current wasn’t as strong. Among the birds was a Great Blue Heron. I think this is a different bird from the one I saw last week. This one didn’t seem to have as much color. I wonder if experienced bird watchers can identify individuals.

After about two hours walking around the Wetlands Park I came back to the RV park to take another walk as the sun was setting. A surprising number of people departed today including many that were here when I arrived more than three weeks ago. Another observation on my walk was the gradual increase in Christmas lights. The RV Park still hasn’t turned on the lights they put up last week, but about a dozen RVs scattered around the park have Christmas lights turned on. It will probably be another week or two before most of us turn on the Christmas lights.

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