Another Slow Sunday

Sunday November 17th 2019

Today was a little cooler than Saturday. The temperature peaked in the mid to upper seventies. It was still above normal for this time of year, but didn’t feel as hot as Saturday. That is probably because I wasn’t outside on a concrete aircraft parking area under the bright sun. I spent the day recovering from my trip to Aviation Nation on Saturday.

I am going to share some more pictures from the air show in this blog entry. These pictures are mostly of the aircraft on the ground. I took these pictures with my little Canon Powershot camera. Yesterday’s pictures were taken with my Sony Mirrorless camera with a long lens. I was doing a real juggling exercise with the cameras at times. It wasn’t easy to capture any of the fast moving jets. The static aircraft on the ground were a piece of cake to photograph if you didn’t care about getting strangers in the shot.

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