A Walk in the Park and Laundry

Tuesday November 12th 2019

Today’s weather was a repeat of Monday. It was a nice sunny day with a good breeze. The high temperature was in the mid seventies. This area on the west side of the national deep freeze is a little above normal for this time of year. The weather pattern is not forecast to change until next week.

This was another slow morning lingering over breakfast while catching up on my internet reading with the TV on in the background. It is around noon or shortly after before I’m ready to start the day. This is a very unproductive pattern that I’m going to have to change.

For exercise today, I returned to the Clark County Wetlands park for some walking and picture taking. Today’s photography subjects were the turtles and coots in the ponds. Taking lots of random pictures keeps me entertained along the way, so I walk more. Other than the usual compliment of school kids on a field trip, the park wasn’t as busy today. The area I was in today was very quiet.

Turtle Rock for a little sun bathing. The rock wasn’t big enough for all the turtles. There is another one with only its head out of the water behind the big one.

This afternoon, after my walk in the park, it was time to do the laundry. This park has two laundry rooms with six washers and dryers in each. The price is reasonable at $1.50 per wash and $1.25 per dryer cycle. The problem is the competition for the machines. I managed to get two washing machines, but there was only one dryer available when the time came. Cramming everything into one dryer load result in not everything getting dry. Semi dry laundry is draped all around the inside of my RV home tonight. Laundry day can be so much fun.

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