A Little Casino Time

Wednesday November 13th 2019

When I turned the TV on this morning I was greeted by continuous coverage of the Political Theater going on at the US Capitol. Neither “side” was really trying to find out information, they were trying to get the witnesses to say what they’d already said in closed sessions. This was a show for the benefit, amusement or disgust of the American people. I like to hear facts and reach my own conclusions. Being told what I should think by a politician or a newscaster isn’t the way it should work. Anyway; without the regular morning programming I had a hard time knowing what time it was.

I spent most of the day at home catching up on chores. Around 3:30, I headed over to Sam’s Town Casino to get my entries in for the Young at Heart (read Senior) drawing at 4:30. I didn’t win anything, but it’s fun watching the people. There are ten winners overall and you must respond with in 3 minutes to claim your prize. After 3 minutes new names are drawn for the unclaimed prizes. It took four of five redraws to fill in the ten winters today.

The late afternoon wasn’t a total loss. I left the casino with the money I entered with and I put in enough slot play to have a voucher for breakfast at the buffet tomorrow morning. Now I just have to get up in time. The laser and fountain show started as I was on my way back to the car. I stopped and watched the show. It will be changing to a Christmas theme later this month.

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