A Slow Day Thinking About My Surroundings

Monday November 11th 2019

Thank you to all the veterans on this Veterans Day.

It was another great weather day, but the trend may have turned. There was a good breeze out of the northeast added to the warm sunshine today. The forecast through the end of the week is still good, just not as good as the last few days.

This RV park is pretty much full with only a little turnover every day. The majority of the park is filled with people like myself here for a few months during the winter. There are also a number of people that call this park home full time. The third group of residents are the travelers that come in for a few days to a couple of weeks to visit the Las Vegas area.

On week days many of the non-retired residents are gone during the day or cloistered in their RVs. The residents of the fifth wheel trailer across the road from me are gone during the day and return every day around 4:30pm. They are clearly long term residents with jobs in the area. The business truck they show up in from time to time is additional proof. My drivers side neighbors seem to be working winter residents. During the week, they make rare appearances outside their RV before late afternoon. When they do come outside it’s to talk on the phone or sit in their truck with a laptop computer on the dashboard. It’s pretty clear they are working while traveling. With good internet connectivity it is possible to do all kinds of jobs on the road.

Another observation about my fellow residents of the RV park is the high percentage of dog owners. It seems like just before dark the dog runs in the middle of the RV park get very busy. Most of the dogs don’t even have to walk to the dog area. The dog owners drive them to the dog area in cars and trucks. Others, particularly the little ones, are transported in strollers. Very few dogs get walked to the dog area. In the middle of the hot season, that’s probably a good thing for their paws. The pavement could easily burn the pads on there paws in the hot sun, but this time of year let them have some exercise.

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