TV Football Caught Me Again

Sunday November 10th 2019

It was a very quiet morning. The residents of the RV park seem to be very slow getting started this morning. The usual walkers weren’t passing by and I didn’t see any vehicles go my either. The only real noise around this morning was the steady parade of aircraft leaving the Las Vegas valley. One of the primary traffic patterns for planes leaving McCarran Airport has the eastbound jets crossing the valley a little north of here. Landing traffic from the east cross the valley well south of here. Both are visible, but only the departing traffic north of here can be heard. There are a lot of planes coming and going from McCarran.

Tonight’s sunset through the palm trees.

I got caught by the football watching bug this morning. The Chiefs vs Titans game grabbed and held my attention right down to the final missed field goal as time ran out. The guy down the street with the Kansas City Chiefs flag must have been disappointed. I escaped from footballs grasp after the game, but can’t say I did anything exciting. For the most part, I drove around the area without any particular destination.

Blossom of the day.

I was back at my RV home around 4PM as it was starting to get dark. I had time for a walk around the park before darkness set in. The early sunset is still hard to get used to after a week on standard time. It seems like only a few days since it was still light at 8PM or later. There seems to be a long time inside the RV with the curtains down watching TV and listening to the occasional mystery noise from outside. I need to get back in the mode of being out after dark.

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