A Great Blue Heron in the Desert

Monday November 4th 2019

All of my clocks are now set correctly, but it doesn’t fix the long dark nights. It was dark shortly after 4:30 in the afternoon. Time to adjust to doing some things at night.

I found an advertisement for a sale at Camping World in the RV Park office this morning. There are a few items that I need for the RV. A well stocked Camping World is a good place to shop, but maybe not buy supplies. The sale might make it a good place to actually buy stuff. I drove out to the Camping World in Henderson this afternoon. The store was well stock as I remembered, but I still left with lots of ideas and no purchases. I will probably return during my stay in the area, but for now I’ll buy what I need from Walmart or possibly Amazon.

On my way home I stopped at the Clark County Wetlands park for some exercise and a wildlife fix. Today’s wildlife was the usual complement of water fowl, some fish, a couple of turtles and a Great Blue Heron. The Heron was standing on a rock across the pond from the observation platform. I didn’t see it at first, but it may have moved just enough to get my attention. I hung around for fifteen to twenty minutes taking pictures of the big bird hoping to see it take off in flight. It was perfectly happy posing for my pictures and pretending to be a statue. Eventually I moved on content with my pictures of the statuesque bird.

There was some turnover at the RV park today, but more and more of the new arrivals are here for the long term. I’m sure the courtesy patrol that parks all the new arrivals will be happy when the turnover slows down. They have a complicated task escorting big RVs down the narrow streets. There primary job is to make sure everyone parks within the boundaries of their site. The RVs are close enough together without neighbors encroaching on nearby sites.

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